Wedding dress: Simple or original? Its history and evolution.

In 1840, Queen Victoria got married wearing a white wedding gown. In those days, many women chose the color blue for their wedding dresses because it was a symbol of purity. White, on the other hand, symbolized wealth. Victoria chose white since it was the perfect color to highlight her extraordinary gown made in handmade lace. Even though there are other examples of women wearing white before her, Queen Victoria made the white wedding dress very popular.

The white color became the norm for wedding dresses in the West, and the styles will change through the years.

Vintage clothing: definition and history throughout the years.

The term “vintage” is commonly used to refer to old styles of clothing. In its modern use, it often indicates that the item is at least 20 years old.
Vintage clothing has existed since World War I, as an idea of reusing clothing because of the textile shortage. During this time, most clothing was repaired, mended, tailored to fit other family members, or recycled within the home as rags or quilts. Clothing manufacturers reduced the varieties, sizes, and colors of their productions and even urged designers to create styles that would use less fabric and avoid needless decoration.

5 French New Wave movies that changed my life.

When I started French classes 8 years ago, I remember the triumphant feeling of coming home learning how to say a complex word the proper french way. One day, I decided to watch French movies to get some more practice with my pronunciation and oral skills. I was lucky to find a film by Jean-Luc Godard in YouTube. Suddenly, the website was proposing me to watch movies with a similar style. And I fell in love with the French New Wave movement – to the point where I was watching 2 per day! I was in love with the visual aesthetic, the ambiguous and imaginary adventures, but mostly the long beautiful conversations (and silences) about life and love.