Wedding dress: Simple or original? Its history and evolution.

In 1840, Queen Victoria got married wearing a white wedding gown. In those days, many women chose the color blue for their wedding dresses because it was a symbol of purity. White, on the other hand, symbolized wealth. Victoria chose white since it was the perfect color to highlight her extraordinary gown made in handmade lace. Even though there are other examples of women wearing white before her, Queen Victoria made the white wedding dress very popular.

The white color became the norm for wedding dresses in the West, and the styles will change through the years.

The trench-coat: story of a signature coat.

The trench-coat was born during the First World War, as it was used by the British officers in the trenches. Thomas Burberry, from the famous British luxury house, was contacted by the British War Office to design a coat that could replace the militaries current heavy coats. Burberry was already well-known thanks to his revolutionary discovery of gabardine. Thus, he created the trech-coats with this completely breathable and waterproof fabric. After war, civilians choose to wear these coats too, since they are perfect for outdoor activities.