The 4 musicians from the 60’s that still inspire women’s fashion.

  • Françoise Hardy. She was one of the first French musicians I got to know, and fell deeply in love with her music and sense of style. Her mix of androgynous and feminine sides of fashion intrigued me. As Nicolas Ghesquière said: “she is the very essence of French style.”

And yet she doesn’t wear red lipstick and doesn’t smoke. Hardy had an edgy look in fashion, and she would align herself with risk-taking designers like André Courrèges, Emmanuelle Khanh, Paco Rabbane, and Yves Saint Laurent. Far from accepting to appear in outfits that designers choose for her, she imposed her taste and enjoyed creating her own style. Winged eyes, short skirts, flared pants, men’s suits, bold sunglasses and boyish caps. No wonder why everybody was and still is fascinated with her.

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  • The Supremes. This group of girls blew my mind away when I first heard “Baby Love“. Diana Ross’ calm voice and vocal styling matched perfectly The Supremes’ elegant and glamorous looks. They appeared onstage in detailed make-up and high-fashion gowns and wigs, and performed graceful choreographies. They broke the mold with their music and styles, and set up an example of a new sophisticated fashion ideal.
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  • Cher. I actually got to know her more from her 90’s music but started loving her thanks to her 70’s looks. She has been bold, creative and innovative when it comes to fashion, and you can tell she always wanted to be a star. Cher and her lover, Sonny, got famous in the 60’s in London thanks to their music and looks (they were kicked out of the Hilton because of their outfits). Girls were imitating Cher’s amazing sense of style: bell-bottoms, striped pants, ruffled shirts and fur vests. By the beginning of the 70’s, Cher and Sonny were making apparences in prime-time shows, where we could see her alluring, low-cut gowns that became her signature outfits.
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